The tours start at 09.00 o’clock the first we will visit:

  1. KERTAGOSA, (The Court Justice of the King). KERTAGOSA was built in the 18th century, when Bali was reined by the dynasty of the king KRESNA KEPAKISAN. There is a complex of old justice building, the half of justice called KERTAGOSA. Beside that building there is also floating building called BALEKAMBANG where the building iscovered by traditional paintings of KAMASAN STYLE. They were replaced by using new materialin 1930 and renewed 1960. The palace its self was destroyed during the war between the Dutch and the kingdom in Bali. In the beginning of 20th century in year 1910. After that we will go to visit
  2. BESAKIH,as the biggest temple in Bali, the mother temple of BESAKIH is the center of all temples in the island. The history of BESAKIH began in the last year of the 8th century, when a Shivaite priest, RSI MARKANDEYA, led a contingent of settlers in a ceremony burying the five metals “PANCA DATU” (gold, silver, iron, copper, and precious stone). BESAKIH temple consist of 22 complex, meandering up the mountain side in prehistoric times the auspicious Mount AGUNG was probably the side terraced sanctuary, where animistic cults worshipped the God of volcano. Then we proceed to
  3. TELAGA WAJA, River to see activity of water rafting, its water very clear and bright, next we pass to
  4. SIDEMEN, Village. In this village we will see Balinese cloth hand weaving and high quality, not only that you may rest in ECO Restaurant, which its location in the edge of rice field, the scenery is absolutely marvelous. Then we drive to hotel.

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