This tours start at 09.00 o’clock the first program we will visit:

  1. TROPICAL GARDEN, the large garden . You may rest and to see the variety of plantations such as coffee, cacao spices pineapple, a lot of kind tropical plantation, on the spot you can witness the process of making coffee powder. The equipment which is use by traditional system. You can try on the spot all of the product. You don’t need to worry to try (trying is free of charge), after that we drive up to see.
  2. BEDUGUL/BERATAN LAKE, you can see the beautiful temple on the lake. This temple is located on the shores of Lake BERATAN. The HINDU people in Bali believe the manifestation of God as Sang HYANG DEWI Danu the GODDESS of fertility and source of prosperity. If we expatiate the name of the temple ULUN means upstream (The opposite ofdownstream) DANU means Lake. The surrounding area of ULUN DANU temple also grown the various flourishing flower the air of this area is cool, you may walk around. The next stop
  3. WANAGIRI, to see monkeys,then we drive to see the authentic
  4. LOVINA, we will trough the old capital city of Bali SINGARAJA. In LOVINA we rest to see black sands, before we drive back to hotel we will visit hot spring. Then continue to
  5. BANJAR VILLAGE, you may swim as well here. There are two warm water pools. The pools are fed from hot water spring. You can bath here, will feel rejuvenate after bathing Located about 60 meters higher up, then drive to
  6. ASAH GOBLEG, to see twin lake of TAMBLINGAN and BUYAN, here you have time to witness the beauty of nature than back to hotel.

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