This program starts at 09.00 o’clock.First we will stop to:

  1. BATCAVE TEMPLE, (Goa Lawah). In this temple there are so many bats live in the cave. We can see a lot bats hanging on the upper surface of the cave. According to the mythology Balinese people. This temple was built when EMPU KUTURAN came to Bali in 11th century. Outside of temple you can see a lot of HUT, are the places for the local people making traditional salt. Next to
  2. TENGANAN, village, one of indigenous Balinese village called BALI AGA. The construction of building in TENGANAN village different than others, their meeting hall very high and long, their roofs use palm, coconut leaf, wall from clay. The custom of TENGANAN village still strong, they use special cloth during ritual ceremony which we known with its double IKAT (weaving) called GERINGSING. Gering means disease, sing means no/ refuse, GERINGSING means the cloth that used by TENGANAN people to refuse any disease, Their special ritual ceremony last every year, around June of the year, called MEKARE-KARE well knownPandanus war(PerangPandan).This village is one of the ancient village in Bali. Here people are forbidden from marrying outside. The village with tread of being banished. Then we drive pass to
  3. CANDIDASA, you can see black sand and nice beach, after that your trip to
  4. TIRTA GANGGA, (Water Garden). This water garden was built in 1948 by king of KARANGASEM. This water garden was constructed in Chinese style. The water garden scratches on 1,2 hectare area. The water here is very clean it is possible to bath and swimming in this area. On the way back to hotel we driveto
  6. AMED,

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