This program start at 08.30 Am on the way to Volcano:

  1. BATUBULAN, The first you will be taken to see The Barong Dance at BATUBULAN VILLAGE. Where the BARONG DANCE is one of the traditional dancing. BARONG represents good animal (Mythological Animal) and RANGDA represent on evil spirit (Mythological Monster). They will fight this dance will be followed by traditional music. Then we proceed to
  2. BALINESE HOUSE COMPOUND, and simultaneously to see their living. You may enter inside exactly you can see the family temple, kitchen, local animal, and the bad room. Then we continue to
  3. TEGENUNGAN WATERFALL, to see authentic water fall at TEGENUNGAN VILLAGE, here you can see the beautiful scenery of waterfall and also the high ravine. The atmosphere is very sedate and peaceful. After that we will drive through the scenic road toward to volcano, we will stop to see
  4. TIRTA EMPUL TEMPLE, This temple is very famous according to the legend of local people, this spring was founded when the Lord of INDRA had fought against to the evil king MAYA DENAWA. The weapon of Lord INDRA pierced the earth then created the spring. Its spring can be used to self purify. This spring is believed very sacred. It is prohibited to bath there. In ancient time this spring temple is used by among to pray and meditation, till now never ending peoples such as yoga and others to come here to pray. So this water is very clear and free of pollution, a lot of mineral useful for our health and spiritually they have strong energy really good for refresh mind to reduce depression. The outer courtyard of the temple, there are several places for bathing. The opposite of temple you can see the palace of the first president of Indonesia SOEKARNO .The next we will visit,
  5. COFFE PLANTATION, You may rest to see the varieties of coffe plantations such as coffee, cacao, spices pineapple etc. On the spot you can witness the process of making coffee powder especially luwak coffee. The equipment that is used by local people still traditional system. You can try on the spot all of the product. You don’t need to worry, you are allowed to try, and to try is getting free. Next to
  6. VOLCANO KINTAMANI, Then we drive up to KINTAMANI VILLAGE, to see volcano (Mount BATUR) which has crater rim,and Lake BATUR, The scenery is very splendid, and you may rest to have lunch. On the way back to hotel, we will stop to.
  7. TEGALALANG VILLAGE, to see the most beautiful rice terraces. The last stop at MAS to see the high quality of wood carving.

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